Paris Clichy-Batignolles

Paris Clichy-Batignolles

Project’s presentation & objectives

The City of Paris has adopted a highly ambitious Climate and Energy Action Plan and Clichy Batignolles urban development is seen as an opportunity to try to implement new strategies to build a low carbon district. One of the objectives is to reach zero CO2 emissions for building and public facilities energy consumptions. Different technologies and methods are used : high requirements in terms of building energy performance, installation of roof tops photovoltaic power plants, increase of local supply in heat especially through geothermal energy.
The City of Paris and PBA are willing to set up a working group called Clichy Batignolles Smart Energy and which is focused on smart urbanism. Basically, this working group has four objectives:

  • Detect and highlight new ideas to be implemented by property developers and other urban actors
  • Coordinate all the actions and help the participants to take into account Clichy Batignolles specific energy environment
  • Facilitate their implementation: giving technical and legal support, creating an environment for debate and exchange of ideas, establishing links between participants and innovative solutions providers
  • Increase Clichy Batignolles smart energy visibility through a coherent communication plan

EMBIX’s role

EMBIX has been appointed on September 2015 by PBA to support and head up Clichy Batignolles Smart Energy working group. EMBIX’s scope covers the following elements:

  • Supporting Clichy Batignolles Smart Energy working group from a technical and methodological perspective
  • Drafting a smart energy management specifications
  • Coordinating the workshop along with PBA and the City of Paris