Issy Grid®

Project presentation & Objectives

IssyGrid® is the first French pilot project for district level energy management, through the implementation of a Smart Grids. This project, located in Issy-les-Moulineaux (Paris area), gathers 10 companies, 4 start-ups and the city authorities.
IssyGrid® experimentation will generates important energy savings for the municipality, local residents and buildings’ owners.

Objectives of IssyGrid®:

  • Consume better – less and at the right time – while including new uses of energy consumption such as electric vehicle charge ;
  • Better integrate local production of renewable energy in public distribution network by using storage means ;
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including by contributing to avoid consumption peaks.

EMBIX’s role

As part of IssyGrid®, EMBIX delivered the center of analysis information system to analyze all energy production resources and energy consumption within the project perimeter.

IssyGrid® Components

  • 1166 housings connected and fitted out with smart meters allowing the collection of data relating to the overall energy consumption in real time ;
  • a “smart grid-ready” office tower (2000 employees) fitted out with photovoltaic panels ;
  • 46 street lights ;
  • 8 electric vehicles ;
  • a next generation power distribution station fitted out with smart technologies and a power storage solution based on batteries recycled from electric vehicles ;
  • a photovoltaic power forecasting system ;
  • 14 different information systems interconnected ;