Alzette – Belval

Alzette – Belval

Project presentation & objectives

The cross-border territory known as Alzette-Belval encompasses eight French municipalities (in the Moselle and Meurthe-et-Moselle departments) and four Luxemburg municipalities. The various municipalities are characterized by a common history: after living through the rise and decline of the mines and steel industries, they are undertaking their restructuring and intend to ensure sustainable development.
On the French side, an Etablissement Public d’Aménagement (public development corporation) was established in 2012. The urban development is carried out under the EcoCité label and includes the construction of 8’600 housing units. It aims to address the following challenges:

    • Ensure economic development and strengthen the attractiveness of the territory ;
    • Meet the demand for new housing and urban development and limit its impact on energy and transportation needs ;
    • Preserve natural biodiversity and local identity and heritage.

EMBIX’s role

EMBIX has been appointed on January 2014 by the Urban Development Agency of Alzette Belval to design the Smart City Services that will be implemented on the French EcoCité. EMBIX’s scope covers the following elements:

  • Definition of the Smart Grids strategy aiming to maximize the use of local resources (geothermal, wind, photovoltaic and heat recovery), to optimize the use of energy storage (hydrogen storage and batteries) and to reduce peak power loads, energy consumption and energy bills for end-consumers ;
  • Definition of Smart Mobility services aiming to reduce transportation needs and negative externalities for the territory (pollution, traffic, noise). This especially involves car-sharing services, new multi-modal urban mobility and co-working solutions ;
  • Definition of smart home and local services aiming to compensate for the lack of local skills and equipment. This especially involves smart services related to health.
  • Definition of smart water and waste management aiming to limit their impact on the environment and to reduce costs for municipalities.

Alzette-Belval (Lorraine)


12 months

Beginning & end of the mission



78.000 €HT

5.285 ha

20.000 new inhabitants

8.600 housing units

8.000 new jobs

Contracting Authority

EPA Alzette-Belval

Urban project team

51N4E, 2001, SCE, Franck Boutté Consultants, Sathy, Martin Duplantier Architectes, Artelia

Smart City Services Project Team

EMBIX (leader)
CSTB Sophia Antipolis