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Project’s presentation & objectives

The final objective of the project is to progress towards energy positive neighborhoods and to achieve the EU Climate & Energy objectives. The COOPERATE project is challenged with developing and demonstrating an open, scalable neighborhood service and management platform that integrates local monitoring and control functions with the power, flexibility and scalability of cloud computing for the delivery of energy and other valued services.
To realise that challenge COOPERATE must allow for federation of information set against a hybrid-cloud landscape whereby public and private clouds exchange data, while at the same time ensuring data privacy and security is maintained. COOPERATE follows a “system of systems” approach, in order to integrate heterogeneous systems within the neighborhood and enable interoperability at the data and technological level based on the COOPERATE Neighborhood Information Model (NIM).


EMBIX provides Urban Power™, its real-time information system for the acquisition, monitoring, control, forecast and optimization of the energy consumption and power production within the campus. Data are collected, validated and aggregated on the fly, giving the access to visualisation and monitoring to the site operator, but also to other services which will be developed and delivered by project partners, though an open interface based on the so called Neighborhood Information Model (NIM) developed in COOPERATE.
Energy forecast applications will be developed within the frame of the project. The optimization applications will be set against realistic business Models. EMBIX platform will be installed in the Challenger site test bed.

Experimentation sites

Challenger (Bouygues Construction’s headquarters)
CIT Bishopstown Campus (Ireland)


36 months

Beginning & end of the project


Total budget

5,8 M€


RWTH Aachen University, Bouygues Energies & Services, CIT, EMBIX, Intel Labs, University of Manchester, UTRC-Irlande