Project’s presentation & objectives

Eco2Charge aims at supporting the development of electric vehicles (EV) by accelerating the deployment of EV charging infrastructures in buildings, campuses and eco-districts.
The objective is to provide users with the best EV charging service possible, while optimizing the use of local renewable energy and limiting the costs and energy impact on the campus.

In this full-fledged energy ecosystem, different aspects are combined :

  • Production sources: local renewable energy or external from the Grid ;
  • Power storage capability ;
  • Consumption from the building and its occupants ;
  • EV drivers expectations.

EMBIX’s role

EMBIX brings its expertise in the field of Smart Grids to optimize energy flows (production, consumption and storage) within the two experimentation sites.

Key challenges of the analysis:

  • Peak Shaving and Peak Shifting of overall EV charging ;
  • Synchronization of PV generation and EV charging.

EMBIX is responsible for the smart energy management at two levels :

  • At the multi-site energy management level ;
  • At the site energy management level ;
Experimentation sites

Technocentre (Renault’s headquarters)
Challenger (Bouygues Construction’s headquarters)


36 months

Beginning & end of the project


Total budget

13,2 M€


Bouygues Energies & Services, Actility, Alstom, CEA, EMBIX, Nexans, Renault, UVSQ