Energy Positive IT

visuel projet EPIT

Energy Positive IT

Project’s presentation & objectives

This project  focuses on the design, development and validation of the concept of Energy Management system at Eco-Districts and Smart Cities level. This project, launched in 2011, is a collaborative R&D project, and gathers large companies, start-ups, SMEs, and academics.
In addition to the Software development for the overall energy performance of the district, the following point are addressed:

  • Internet of Thing based metering device development ;
  • Eco-district thermal and electrical simulation ;
  • Consumption and production energy forecast ;
  • Business model analysis ;
  • Sociologic studies ;
  • Interoperability and promotion at standardisation bodies ;

The software development aims at balancing the overall energy performance of the district, considering the production, storage and consumption.
The technology implemented consists in innovative information systems featuring the latest Smart grids innovation : real-time, interoperability, energy and consumption forecast and optimization.

EMBIX’s role

EMBIX is the leader of the consortium, defining the usecases and functional specification of major developments of the project.

The Community Energy management system of EMBIX (Urban Power™) and field equipements (energy meters) has been installed in one of the Demonstration site. Urban Power™ core module streamlines the complex process of meter data collection, from different technologies and providers. For EPIT 2.0, it delivers data to partners applications.

Experimentation sites

Galilée (Alstom Grid’s headquarters – La Défense)
Challenger (Bouygues Construction’s headquarters)


36 months

Beginning & end of the project


Total budget

7 M€


Alstom Grid, AVOB, Bouygues Energies & Services,Bouygues SA e-lab, CEA List, CEA Ines, DBT, Dotvision, Econoving, EMBIX, Fondaterra, Renault, Supélec, Université de Versailles St-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Zamiren