Nanterre Cœur de quartier (2nd phase)

Nanterre Cœur de quartier

Project presentation & objectives

“Coeur de Quartier” is an Urban Development project located close to the strategic point of Nanterre University Railway station. This project is supported by the State and the municipality of Nanterre as part of the Grand Paris project.
In 2013, the Urban Development Agency of La Défense Seine Arche, launched a public tender.
In 2014, the french real estate developer, Bouygues Immobilier, won the tender, along with Leclercq & Associés, EMBIX, Ingérop and GreenAffair.
The main objective is to open the district up to its environment, creating an attractive urban area composed of housing, economic activities, shops, cultural and leisure facilities. The project also has ambitious energy objectives.

EMBIX’s role

As part of the laureate urban project team, EMBIX is in charge of designing the Smart Grids and the global energy management system of the Eco-District, with regard to technical, economic and regulatory matters.

The Smart Grids program aims at developing a Smart Grids Ready district with high global energy performances:

  • Reduction of the energy consumption and final bill ;
  • Reduction of the electric peak ;
  • High integration rate of local renewable energy ;
  • Reduction of the environmental footprint of the district ;

Later on in the project development, EMBIX will assist the urban project team to ensure the conformity of the Eco-District infrastructures and equipment with Smart Grids specifications.




12 months

Beginning & end of the mission

2014 – 2015

Total budget

800.000€HT (Smart Grids study : 150 k€HT)

Shops: 10 000 sqm

Offices: 26 000 sqm

Housing: 34 000 sqm

Client (private actor)

Bouygues Immobilier

Third-party investor

EDF Optimal Solutions

Urban Project Team

Agence François Leclercq, EMBIX (Smart Grids & Energie), Ingérop, GreenAffair