Nice Meridia Urban Technopolis

Nice Meridia

Project presentation & objectives

Nice Meridia Urban Technopolis is located in the heart of the Côte d’Azur Metropolitan Area. It provides facilities for R&D and training activities, companies, housing, shops and neighborhood services (including electric vehicles’ charging stations). In order to achieve the environmental quality of the Eco-District, with high energy performance, the urban project includes Smart Grids deployment and the following objectives:

  • Ensure energy performance at the district level and capitalize on mixed-use buildings ;
  • Optimize energy consumption and reduce bill for end-consumers ;
  • Maximize the use of local renewable energy (geothermal resources for 100% of heating needs and solar panel for electricity needs).

EMBIX’s role

EMBIX is leading a multidisciplinary consortium that includes the CSTB (public research establishment in the construction sector) and Seban & Associés (a French law firm). The consortium has been appointed in October 2013 by the Urban Development Agency of the Plaine du Var to design the Smart Grids master and implementation plan of the Nice Meridia Eco-District.
EMBIX and its partners are designing the first Smart Grid-Ready district in France, defining its objectives, and the program for a global energy management platform, through technical specification of equipments and information systems, and their interoperability based on open standards.

The study focuses on:

  • Technical infrastructure and related specifications that enable all energy devices to be smart-grid-ready (buildings, storage capacities, electric vehicles’ charging stations, etc.);
  • Financial analysis including cost-benefit analysis and return on investment assessment ;
  • Resilience to major changes in regulations or technologies;
    Energy Operator business model. ;



12 month

Beginning & end of the mission

october 2013-october 2014


150.000 €HT

24 hectares

60% publicly controlled land

330.000 sqm building land capacity

2.100 dwellings

4.000 potential jobs

Contracting Authority

EPA de la Plaine du Var

Urban Project Team

Devillers & Associés / Artelia / Alain Bourdin (sociologue)

Smart Grids Project Team

EMBIX (leader), SEBAN & Associés, CSTB Sophia Antipolis