Sicoval, South- East of Toulouse


Project’s presentation & objectives

Labege Innopole / Innometro is a territory located in the suburbs of Toulouse. This area is known to be an innovative area dedicated to the creation and development of start-ups and digital companies. Labège Innopole is the biggest business park in the Midi-Pyrénées region and is an engine of the region economic development. Labège Innopole benefits from a special environment composed of universities and companies:

  • Rangueil Lespinet scientific and university complex where major contractors and manufacturers (CNES, Airbus Defense & Space…) are located
  • Dense network of efficient SMEs, innovative start-ups mainly operating in digital, biotech and aeronautics …
  • Connected to various transportation systems (TER, bus, subway, car sharing…)

Village numérique gathers more than 300 SMEs, start-ups mainly in internet of things / big data / cloud, software and e-service markets: the TIC Valley, the Camping, a start-up incubator, Digital Place, the regional cluster of digital businesses in Midi-Pyrénées.

In this context, SICOVAL would like to develop the Smart Grid Ready concept for its region and enable a smart way to manage energy at the region level.

EMBIX’s role

EMBIX helps SICOVAL in the overall definition of a Guide Plan Smart Grid Ready. The Plan will encompass the structural principles for the deployment of a Smart Grids across the considered areas:

  • The control of the electric and thermal generation (including photovoltaic)
  • The steering of all consumption of buildings and electric mobility and, more specifically, the smoothing of electric consumption
  • The implementation and management of electric storage solutions (such as batteries) and thermal.