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Project presentation & Objectives

TOPAs is a European project, coordinated by Motorola Solutions Israël, with 9 European partners.

Today, energy performance certificates are based on objective assessment frameworks and models, and present major inaccuracy (up to 80%) in the energy consumption predicted value. Therefore, there is a need for new tools and methodologies to better forecast the energy performance of a building, but also to be able to evaluate and understand the performance, once the building is inhabited (Post-Occupancy Evaluation = POE).

To this end, the partners will :

  • Develop an open platform allowing the analysis of a large amount of data (consumptions, t°, occupancy models, etc.), to optimize energy performances and identify areas for f improvement ;
  • Provide an independent and accurate measurement and verification tool for POE ;
  • Elaborate a continuous auditing methodology, enabling a measurement-based performance evaluation. This will lead to the optimisation of energy flow and control strategies ;
  • Design decision support tools for building and facilities managers, to more effectively manage their site, providing visibility on how energy related decisions impact costs, occupant comfort and health ;
  • Demonstrate the benefits of continuous auditing process through the use of the TOPAs solutions under real operating conditions and scenarios in three buildings blocks ;
  • Discuss the most appropriate business models.

Rôle d’EMBIX

EMBIX brings to the project its expertise in local energy management. EMBIX will work on the French experimentation site, Galeo.
EMBIX provides its software solution, Urban Power ™, for the collection and analysis of energy data and air quality.
EMBIX also contributes to the design and development of new methodologies to better forecast energy performances.